Torsten’s Journey

Torsten, the founder of Love Your Nuts campaign was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1995 whilst educating young teenagers about ‘sex education’ at a school and being in his early thirties himself.  His journey of survival started by openly confronting in his book his thoughts and emotions, relate the reactions of his friends, family and not least, his students, who provoked him without reserve and in doing so, gave him enormous help and hope.  His book “Love your nuts” was published internationally in 2011 in English (German version was published in Germany in 2004 already).  “He has won, he lives and he loves. He is showing everybody how valuable they are and how fantastic life can be” (a reader’s words) and therefore has a passion for this campaign.

Born in 1965 and grew up in Namibia.
He studied teaching and was a teacher for 15 years in Namibia. This 15-year span was interrupted three times and in the years 1991, 1997/8 and 2006 he toured through 45 countries on all the continents.

He has been a Cape Town resident since 2007. Followed his passions – photography and design – until the end of 2016 after leaving the teaching profession in 2005.
Since 2017 he is working full time for his foundation with the best job description ever: talking balls and saving lives.