Nut about You!

The stage play is part of Love Your Nuts’ educational programme and is performed:

  • at launches of the “Cancer School Programme”
  • at events to raise awareness and educate about the importance of early detection of cancer
  • at high schools, corporates, sport clubs and events of any other interest groups eg. Cancer days, health days, etc

The stage play it part of the LYN Goodie bag project – the main drive of the foundation.


After a decade or so, Arney returns to his high school to relive some of the memories of his coming-of-age. Along his nostalgic journey, we meet friends and family members who helped him along the way, including his arch nemesis, Henry. 
Little does Arney realise, that Henry, (the golden boy), is battling more than the usual challenges of the rugby field… 
What follows, is a delightful and heartwarming jaunt into the world of teenagers, first love, basic pranks, and redemption.  

  1. “Nuts about you!” is aimed at senior high school students, ranged between 15 and 19 years of age. The production is crafted to also reach adults.
  2. 45 minutes long, and in English, the production is a heavy mix of comedy and pathos.
  3. Performed in the style of Commedia Dellárte. This style of performance features one actor, applying an array of theatre masks to portray a variety of other characters. This element serves to keep the audience visually enthralled while the message of the play prepares for an unexpected punch.
  4. The production requires 30 minute set up before performance and 15 minute strike after the performance.
  5. The production is adaptable and can be performed anywhere, provided the audience and actor are protected from the elements, and other peripheral distractions.
  6. The production is best suited for 150 students at a time. Two separate performances can be delivered for larger groups.

Each performance might be followed with a Q&A, survey, or questionnaire.

The actor Aldo Brincat, will be on standby to offer Drama students, (or interested students in agreement with School Management), a Masterclass in Character Mask work, and General Performance Skills, free of charge.