App Development in a Nutshell

We are looking for a partnership and/or funding for a mobile app which will have 3 components:
Cancer school programme – already developed
Educational game – mobile app idea in a developing phase
Option for Research  – reaching out to universities currently

Cancer Smart School programme
I’ve got a cancer school programme for students from Grade 3 to 12. (age 10 to 18)
The major goals throughout the programme are:
Where can I find help if I’m diagnosed with cancer?
How can I support a family member or friend that is diagnosed with cancer?
What can I do in my community to educate and raise awareness?

The programme is adapted to South African environment already. The content is general information on cancer (not just testicular cancer), manuals of prepared lessons for the teachers and worksheets for the students. The programme teaches students to look after their health and the importance of early detection.

Educational Game
This game is played on a mobile app and links in with the Cancer Smart School Programme. This educational game is full of “challenges” to get as cancer smart as possible. It can be played as an individual, class groups or as competitions between schools. If you are in the IT world and see a fantesticle partnership – we would like to hear from you!

Option for Research
Currently we’re reaching out to universities and offer them a partnership for a research project that can benefit from our target group. We offer them to plug-in at the background of this app to get the data they need for their project.

We would prefer cancer research but any other research that will contribute to health and/or uplifting of communities is welcome too.