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Losing a ball is tough enough – don’t lose your fertility along with it. Wijnland Fertility Clinic specializes in offering fertility preservation options (sperm freezing) to cancer patients who need to undergo cancer treatments that can cause infertility. Speak to us before you start your cancer treatment to understand your options. You might have to go ball-less, but not childless. For more information visit the Wijnlanden Fertility website

Medical Thermal Imaging is now another weapon in the arsenal in early detection of testicular health issues. With Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging there is no radiation and is safe and non-invasive. The procedure takes only 5 minutes.Three to four images are taken of the penis and testicles where after the images are sent to  specialist doctors to analyse the images and write a report. The report and images are sent back to the patient via e-mail. Branches in: Centurion, Johannesburg, Mokopane, Durban, Vaal Triangle and Windhoek (Namibia) Contact us at for a voucher at any of the above branches.