Joburg To Durban Tour 2020

A bunch of nutty cyclists will again (they did it in 2016 & 2018 too) take up the challenge of cycling ± 720 km from Edenvale/Johannesburg to Durban in 2020 to raise awareness of testicular cancer. The down ride as an elevation of 7800m over a period of 5 days.
Besides raising awareness about testicular cancer the cyclists raise fund too. See their fundraiser pages here. Runds raised will be used for educational goodie bags. We educate a child for less than R20 about cancer. Your contribution is appreciated. Knowledge is the best weapon against cancer!

Get involved and be fantesticle
Currently we are looking for partnerships for the 2020. In the past we had contributions from various partners in the form of a monetary donations, “gifts” for our cyclists in the form of goodie bags and goods such as waters, energy bars and snacks. We supplied each rider with a fleece jacket, winter arm warmers and cycling shirts. We were able to supply 4 unique shirts on our tours and would like to increase this that we have a fantesticle shirt for every day. The shirts that we supplied had all the sponsors names on them, as well as having a presents on the arm warmers and on branded banners that we had made.
We had 2 branded support vehicle and need that for the next tour again.
Another option is to sponsor the accommodation en route.