Robben Island Swim 2021

For the 5th year in a row the Nuts-Swim will take place in December 2021 where ballsy participants will swim the 7.5 km stretch from Robben Island to Big Bay in the ice cold Atlantic waters to raise awareness about testicular cancer and raise funds for educational mobile app develoment. The men are only allowed to swim with a LYN Speedo and the ladies in a LYN Costume (No wetsuits allowed).

Date: 4 or 5 December 2021 – weather dependent.

Entry fee: R 1 000 per swimmer.
Included in the entry is your (Love Your Nuts) LYN Swimwear, the necessary permits from SanParks and Boat support (Including transfer to Robben Island).

Entries close: 01 October 2021

Start a fundraiser and swim for free
Every participant is encouraged to raise funds for their swim via a GivenGain profile (see below) or sponsors. If a swimmer raises more than R 5 000 he/she will be refunded the full entry amount.
If a company donates towards your fundraiser LYN can issue a S18a Tax certificate. Please contact us at for detailed information.

How to create your GivenGain fundraiser:

  1. Open the any-nuts-idea campaign page to start your project.
    On the cause page, click on “Start fundraising” to register a fundraising project with your Facebook login details or an e-mail address. (if you don’t have a GivenGain profile it will take you to a page to create one first)
  2. Complete the project steps, adding a video, photo or both and providing information about your project eg. why are you running for this cause? (Check out the other project to get ideas)
  3. Set a realistic fundraising goal – you can always change it later.
  4. Set the date when your project ends. Set it for e.g. a year ahead if you plan to enter different events.
  5. Share your fundraising project link with friends, family and colleagues via e-mail and social media, asking them for donations.
  6. Download our guideline on how to start your fundraiser here. It includes tips on how to get people to donate for your project.
  7. If you need help or have questions please contact Torsten at