How can I recognise testicular cancer?

A man will notice the first signs of testicular cancer himself. But by the time men go and see a doctor, unfortunately the first metastases have already formed in one third of the cases. Every man should carefully feel both testicles for thickening and hardening once a

month. The best time for this check is when the scrotum is limp and soft – that is, when outside temperatures are warm, e.g. under the shower or in the bath.

Typical signs of cancer in its initial stage:

      • a painless (or painful) swelling or lump in/on the testicle
      • a feeling of heaviness in the testicle
      • a light twinge in the groin

Typical signs of cancer in an advanced stage:

    • enlargement of the affected testicle
    • enlarged abdominal lymph nodes
    • enlarged or painful mammary glands

How to self-exam for testicular cancer