Testicular Cancer Touched My Life

YES, my one nut is fake, because the real one tried to kill me! I had testicular cancer in 1995 at the age of 30. That evening when the doctor came and said it is aggressive cancer that they have to remove my right testis the next morning was the moment my life shattered into a million pieces. Signing a form that says, “Removal of right testis”, was a nightmare!

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Feeling Nuts*!

*Excuse the pun but when I think back about my emotional rollercoaster times
trying to cope with cancer it was a nuts feeling!

The fear that came with the cancer often drove me in front of a mirror starring
at myself and asking: Am I going nuts?! This unbearable feeling of not knowing
often reflexed in my interpersonal dealings. The encounters with others from
family, friends, nurses and my students were nuts – often positive, some
arkward. The actions and reactions from my side as well as from others often
ended in impotent / powerless silent.

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